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As a company, we believe in being completely open about how our Sofas are crafted and what materials we use. So much so that we invite you to come along personally to watch the expert skills and eye for detail of our master craftsmen first hand in our showroom

It's an honesty that has served us well for over 30 years and is evident not only in the workshop but across the company from, the showroom staff to customer services to the delivery team to our support staff. We are adamant that you will not encounter a more professional but friendly and genuine sofa buying experience in the UK

From our historic Yorkshire base, we design, produce and deliver beautiful, comfortable beds to the highest standards. From unique, platinum-quality creations to designs perfect for discerning individuals, celebrities, style-conscious hotels, trusted retailers and major contracts, we give our absolute passion and commitment to every job we fulfil.

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Fox Furniture was established in 1989 as a retailer of Beds and Carpets in Sheffeild. From its humble beginning as a small retailer, We began to grow and have since carved their name in the UK as a manufacturer that provides quality products supported by reliable service.

Fox Furniture deals with a wide range of Sofas,Beds,Sofa beds, Wardrobes and other house furniture at very good prices. We've worked with commercial clients, such as estate agents and landlords and as well as with the general public. We are delivering our products to UK mainland and Scotland areas. Please give us a call now to find out more.